Why choose miscea?




+ Prevent cross contamination

Using miscea systems is a completely touch free experience because of the advanced sensor technologies embedded in miscea systems. The exact dosage of soap and disinfectant can be programmed into the systems, which means optimal hand hygiene is effortlessly achieved. In other words, hand hygiene is maximised by preventing the risk of cross contamination through using a miscea.

As hand hygiene is becoming an increasing issue in practically all aspects of our daily lives, it’s reassuring to know the miscea is there to help you achieve a new and higher standard in hand hygiene.

+ Peace of mind with Legionella Control

An outbreak of a waterborne infection caused by bacteria such as legionella is a serious problem and a heavy burden for everyone concerned.

“Nosocomial infections affect hundreds of millions of patients worldwide every year. As an unintended result of seeking care, these infections lead to more serious illnesses, prolonging hospital stays, and inducing long-term disabilities.” WHO, 2005

miscea systems raise a new standard in hygiene with automated periodic flushing to reliably prevent colonization and limit the growth of waterborne micro-organisms in accordance with the water safety plan of your organisation.

With such intelligent systems, miscea provides you with peace of mind from legionella outbreaks while saving you time and costs associated with manually operated systems.



+ Easy to clean systems

miscea systems conveniently combine the functions of a water faucet and two dispensers into one unique system. This simplifies cleaning and maintenance efforts, while creating a clean and hygienic work environment.

Equipped with the ingenious and efficient miscea refill system, changing product pouches is effortless. Simply remove the empty pouch and replace it with a new pouch. With miscea systems, you spend less time on maintenance.


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